I have worked with various counsellors, healers, business and personal development coaches, groups and mentors of some kind for almost a decade. One of the biggest things I have learned, is knowing when it is time to take an inventory, and determine when I have outgrown a particular energy, teaching, dynamic or style.

Which, let me tell you, is not a simple thing to do. Because Society tells us we must be a certain way. We must choose a specific route. We should / shouldn’t do certain things. Here are some of my favourite examples that have kept me out of right-relationship with my soul path.

Articles and posts on how if you have the same friends from Pre-School you must be loyal, and if you don’t then you’ve got something wrong with you. Or any other cliché I’ve read this week.

The commitments I’ve made to stay the course of a particular group or class, because walking away would make me look bad.

The twelve step groups that mocked and said “don’t worry you’ll be back”, when I expressed that I felt aligned with a different direction on my journey.

Let’s not forget the friends who think I abandoned them because I no longer want to “hang out”, talking about the weather, drinking or hearing about their latest escape mechanism from reality.

Let’s take this a step further. The medical professional, the lawyer, the accountant, the massage therapist, the business coach, who really don’t align for you anymore. But you feel you are obligated to stay, for whatever reason your mind tells you.

This, is, not, true.

It doesn’t make them wrong, or you right. Or you wrong, or them right. It isn’t about that at all.

It is about, aligning with YOURSELF, and what your soul knows.

Here’s the thing. We outgrow people, and stuff and things. period.

It’s called, change. It’s called, expansion. It’s called, thriving. It’s called, living your life the way your soul wants.

Are you feeling stuck? It might be time to look at who and what you are surrounded by. What you think is helpful, may actually be the training wheels that simply need to come off so you can soar.

What if just for today, you gave yourself permission to evaluate everything you are taking into your life, and how it is, or isn’t contributing.

You really may be surprised at what awaits if you make space by releasing the things you’ve outgrown.

Yours, In darkness, light and unicorn huggz. ?