I’ve had a very busy and productive weekend, but my list of things to do, is as long as I am tall. Okay, okay I know I’m only 5’4 but the point is, it’s longer than a little 3×3 sticky note!

As soon as I woke I started thinking about all the things I wanted to do today, or thought I needed to do today and what I realized is that the first thing I need to do is breathe, sit quietly, and slow down.

So often we rush into our days without taking a minute to really focus on what absolutely needs to get done, or what can wait. I could feel myself headed down that path which typically isn’t my style, and my refreshed sense of well-being escaped me in minutes.  Thankfully I’m quick with the self-awareness these days, and I knew I had to stop right then and there and re-group. I had to press the reset button on my morning.

I put the pen down. I stopped my brain, I sipped my coffee, opened my windows and I listened to the birds singing. I also looked around to see if I could see the squirrels doing their morning routine at the tops of the trees, which gives me a truly peaceful feeling to watch them work.  I got thinking about the squirrels and how they instinctively know exactly what needs to be done in that moment.  Like all animals really.  They don’t have a to-do list that they sit down and formulate every day, they just have their innate ability to do what needs to get done.

The other week I was watching them collect leaves and twigs that they were chewing off from the tops of the trees, they would then scurry down and place them in what appeared to be a little nest or perhaps a tree-house of some kind, and then they’d go back up another branch and find something else.  I was watching this one little guy the other day struggling with this one piece that got caught on another branch.  He tugged and tugged.  His little friend watching on another branch nearby.  It was like watching National Geographic but LIVE! I sat here with my eyes wide, my shoulders tense and on the edge of my seat in a near sweat wondering how this would play out.  I’m 3-storeys up so all I could think was please do not fall!!  Talk about being in the fear-based moment! Of course, I then remembered how squirrels have been doing this for years and he’s probably not going to have an issue.  The branch came loose, and off he went to his interior decorating assignment.  Which brings me back to today.  Things are only as stressful as I make them, or believe them to be.  Demands, expectations and to-do lists are only struggles if I create them with that energy.

So today, I’m going to tap into things differently.  I’m going to still have my list, but see it as “just” a list.  A list that can take a day, or a week or a month depending on the item.  Do I need to do the basics today like eat, enjoy, and rest? Absolutely!  Do I need to spend 4 hours reorganizing a closet or rebuilding my website right in this moment? Will that complete my day? Sometimes it would, but not today.  Today is about trusting and knowing that whatever may be on the list or isn’t on the list that I need to put time toward, will Intuitively come to me in the appropriate Divinely Guided Timing.

What do you need to do today to reset?