Everyone becomes so excited to start new things, regardless of the time of year, but especially at this time of year.  There are what seems to be typical seasons and reasons for people who desire to make changes.

Sometimes it’s because they have an upcoming event, like a reunion or a wedding.  January is the start of the new year, April is the start of oh crap it’s almost bathing suit season, September of course is holy crap bathing suit season is over and I need to stop eating BBQ food.  Stop stop stop!!!

Stop making all of these external reasons and seasons be your “WHY” behind what it is you’re resolving to do.  Whether it’s a fitness regime, a nutrition plan or to tap into some unsettled emotional issues that you’d like to feel better about.

You must commit to yourself, for reasons that are deep within YOU. Otherwise you’ll give up.  I promise you, you’ll cave.  You know how I know this? Because for YEARS I have given up.  I’ve tried so work on changing or bettering many different things for reasons that were external to me that I have lost count!

As the image states, commitment means staying loyal long after the mood has left you.  Guess what? The mood is going to leave you.  You’re going to get frustrated, you’ll be upset, some days you’ll just say who cares!  But, if you maintain your commitment by knowing that your moods will pass and accept them as what they are, simply part of the process of your journey, then, you’ll be able to achieve anything.

Peace and Love always.