Some days it feels like I haven’t written in ages. Meanwhile it could have only been a day or two or a week.

Some days I wonder if I should keep writing for public consumption in small spurts; or if I should keep it all nice and tidy waiting for the book.

Some days I think uh – oh I haven’t written every single day consistently; I better put something out there before my audience leaves me.

Some days I think I need to do videos, some days I think I need to create workbooks, some days I want to just disappear into my little hidey-hole, and come back out when the world doesn’t seem so scary.

This is when I usually end up with a message from someone saying they look forward to all of my posts before they go to bed. Or, someone who says; they get excited in the morning when they wake up and see something written by me.

I share this because if you’re doubting what you’re doing; how you’re showing up in the world; or questioning whether or not the thing you absolutely LOVE to do is making an impact, it is.

So keep going.

I know I’ve written about this before, and I also know we are all human, and sometimes we spend more time in the mud than we do in that positive space.

Even the most “put-together” and “successful” have these days. (sheepishly raising hand while staring at feet) I also know this because I’ve seen it, or others have spoken about it.

You see, having a business in a fully online world, can be brilliant and also challenging. Everywhere I turn I see different points of view and comments on “how to run a business” (choke/gag/shudder) online.

So I’m doing what I always do; and following my heart. I’m going to post, or not post, I don’t have a script. I don’t have a “click bait” attention grabber; and I’m probably going to continue to go against everything “practical and logical” I’ve ever been told.

Yeah I know you’re not surprised either.

Since the end of December, I have exceeded every target I have set for myself. Because I stopped listening to everyone else. Checked in with my own truth, and went for it.

Hot tip? Follow your true path, ask your heart and inner wisdom keeper what’s best for you. No one else is going to do it for you, and no one else matters when it comes to you living your best life for you.