Our attitude can truly make or break us. It can be the sunshine that lights up a room, or it can be the poison that ruins our serenity.

I know there are times when I have sat back and thought wow, could this day get any worse? So, I stop and realize that yes, it can. I also know that it can also get much better depending on my perspective of a situation.  So with each moment I get to decide, am I going to have a poisonous attitude or a sunny one.

Let’s keep it real though, a sunny attitude doesn’t mean I’m skipping through the streets, singing songs at strangers and spouting off all the wondrous things that are perfect with my life. (Although that would be very epic) What it does look like is me actively keeping my peace by keeping my thoughts in check, noticing when I may feel off, or if there is a negative slant.  I remind myself that my attitude is everything, and I try to adjust as quickly as I can.

Do you feel like you’re stuck in a rut and struggling with thoughts and negative self talk? Are your thoughts taking over your serenity?

Why are you drinking your own poison?