What if I suggested that maybe you have some ideas, or some actions or beliefs that haven’t been serving you. Really it’s okay, keep breathing. I’ve done a lot of work on this topic and I’m not dead. Hi! look it’s me! Writing this post about surrender!
What if the surrender is so sweet, it propels you forward in epic awesome ways? Ways you never imagined possible?
But that’s our fear right? We think if we change our minds, or we decided to do something different than what we said we were going to do, and we voiced that to the world, we will D I E. We must follow through because people are going to judge us and talk about us and we have to explain ourselves. Wow, talk about a guilt and shame spiral. Guess what, people are going to find something to not like anyway, so you may as well get over that while you’re at this surrendering thing.
Seriously? Yes seriously. This is not my joking face right now. 😉
My favourite line lately has been “who gives a shit”. Why does this person or that person’s opinion of YOU matter so much? Isn’t that between you, yourself and.. you? Who decided that this other person’s “level” in this world was bigger or better than yours, that if YOU changed your mind, or YOU did something they didn’t understand, that you needed to explain yourself?
Now before you have a melt down about how this is ‘easy for me to say’, I have lived it. I have lived through the rules, with the rules and broke the rules. Some really big ones too, but we can break those out in another post some day.
So it isn’t easy for me to say because the mud I had to sit in each time I surrendered to letting go of a false belief, I was grief stricken. I was angry, I was miserable, I fought it hard. I was highly operating in my ego place. We have these ideas for so long that of course we are going to grieve, and often with the false belief, there is a person associated with it that may also need to be released also. So although I didn’t die, I did have to be on the receiving end of people who I thought supported me disappear, because I decided I wanted to follow my intuition instead of what they were telling me to do. Imagine the conflict! Especially when it’s someone we look up to right? I mean, I get it, we have special relationships with special people, but when it suddenly feels misaligned, pay attention to that. The flip side? Enter all the fabulous supportive glorious people who DO hold space for me and don’t have an agenda for themselves or the friendship.
So, I ask you, are you ready to step into alignment with your soul? Are you ready to embrace the lovely lotus that you are?