Every cell in my body feels like a fireworks display as I think about unraveling this topic even further, and that’s how I know my Healer soul is saying this is a must.

The response publicly and privately to my write up the other day titled, The Company We Keep, absolutely blew me away. I’m grateful, honoured and humbled by those who said they wanted more, and wanted to share it out further.

Due to those conversations, reactions and questions, it reminded me of how it felt to deal with aspects of those struggles, changes, and people. So, I’ve decided to do something I’ve never done before. I’m answering the call to keep writing on this topic. I’m fully open to hear from you if there is a specific area you’d like me to cover. For today, we start with the family.

Welcome to day 2.

THEY are your blood Heather! You can’t just STOP talking to your family. You are SUPPOSED to help them. You are supposed to show up to functions. You know they are the ones who will be there for you if anything ever happens. So you better smarten up.

Here we go, another moment in time of Heather being told to ignore her soul.

It is nothing shy of awful to have these beliefs shot at you from every angle. Whether it be from parents or friends, or strangers with opinions, I’m sure you’ve heard them.

One of these days your parents won’t be here anymore and you’ll regret the lack of time you’ve spent with them.

You have one surviving Grandmother that you haven’t seen in nearly 3 years, all because she said something that “hurt your feelings”?. She probably didn’t even know what she said, or the impact so just let it go. So it’s okay to be unaware and misuse our words, got it!

Or when someone starts comparing, and says, I lost my mother when I was 10 years old, I’d do anything to have her back. You should be happy yours is alive! Really? Do you know what my mother was like to me when I was 10 years old?

Wistful sigh. I hope you’re relaxing somewhere comfortable as you read this. As a Healer, I can feel myself picking up on the energy of those old days, the drama, the conflict, thankfully I’m sipping some hot lemon honey water to detox as it comes up. One of the things I’ve learned is, it’s okay to feel crappy and have feelings, and express them. Learned that, sans family as well.

You see, I craved connection. I craved deep conversations about life and Spirituality. I loved my self-help books, and learning new ways to think and be. I loved writing (as you can tell, still do). I started getting excited about things that no one in my family appeared to be connected with. So not only did spending time with them no longer feel right, my new ideas, ways and interests were discovered outside of them.

You can’t discover new things, if you don’t take a step in a different direction than the one you’ve been headed in.

I realized as I observed these people, that if they weren’t family I wouldn’t be spending time with them.


Which, has lead to my favourite question on this topic. “If they weren’t your family, would you have them in your life?”

As you sit with that question, stay tuned as there is oh so much more coming.