I graduated today! How unbelievably exciting. Let’s get a few questions out of the way first shall we? Where did I graduate from you ask? What’s my degree? What’s my title? Where is my diploma? Where is the cap and gown photo? Where will I get the frame for my pretty piece of paper? Will I get it matted? Where will I hang it? Should I put this on Instagram too?

Okay, let’s move on shall we? Because this isn’t the typical graduation you are most familiar with.

What we can do, just to put everyone at ease, is stick with the definition of “a graduate”. A graduate is a person who has successfully completed a course of study or training. Can we all agree on that? Great. So let’s carry on.

Today, I graduated from a course I designed, lived through and completed, called: “Bullshit Stories I No Longer Believe”. You see, today, I fully accept, embrace and lather myself with delicious knowledge. The knowledge that my Soul knows my Truth. My precious little light beam of awesome right here inside me, sets me free every time. It took me a while to get here, thousands of years really, it took a lot of battle, many experiences in this lifetime, loads of laughter and heartache, many hours of study, sleeplessness, sadness, anxiety, depression, unhealthy coping mechanisms, people blocking me, ME, blocking me. Other flare ups and ego moments of others, making me throw my hands up and walk away. You see, I studied for so many years, I learned, ALL the things and so I believed ALL the things. I trusted ALL the gurus, specialists and leaders. I followed all the scripts, the stories, the framework, the way everyone else was doing it. Magical right? All of us, day in and day, doing what we do, yet merely existing in our lives.

I got good and done, with that course. So I decided to graduate. Insert a RESOUNDING – NEXT!

My commencement speech. Because you all know I love my soap box.

Today is the day I decided that from this day forward, I will live fiercely committed and devoted to living my dream life.

I will share my ever changing story.
I will be raw and real with me, and you.
I will fulfill every dream.
I will write until my hands hurt.
I will love until my heart bursts.
I will create from my soul.
I will share joy and expand my world.
I will heal myself and others.
I will live a life of epic proportions.

Today is the day I graduated, and found my lotus in the muddy mess of a life I have lived, but am no longer aligned with. Oh she grows, she grows.

And yeah, I bought myself a congratulatory card, a cake slice, a journal for my new life, and made a COMMITMENT as I blew out the candle. I’m not completely unreasonable, I still appreciate some traditions. It’s just time to create new ones.

Are you with me?

Now I must go dance around my living room listening to Around the World by Daft Punk.