Another day gifted to us. This morning when we woke I knew I needed quiet time before we got started for the day. I’ve always needed this quiet space between sleep and the start of the day. It helps me balance, focus and set intentions to start the day on the right note. The Truth is, I could sit in silence and stillness all day, and I have always said that we are surrounded by too much noise.

Adrian sat close by reading a book and I sat at my desk writing and breathing into the day. The calmness and quiet was blissful.

As he finished the chapter he was reading, he lit a piece of sage and smudged, and handed me the bowl. After I smudged myself, I walked around our home, clearing and praying. Sending blessings and gratitude to all of the things here that are so very special to both of us. Artwork by a residential school survivor, stones with the 7 teachings written on them, feathers, drums, sweet grass, candles, fresh water that we are gifted each day, our bed where we rest and heal, grateful for the day. Just to name a few.

I asked if he was going to smoke his Canupa (sacred pipe) today. He said he had thought about it and then proceeded to collect everything that is needed for this ceremony. I sat and softly drummed while he prepared. Then we sat in the quiet smoked, and prayed.

For everyone who happens upon this piece, if you woke today not feeling how you truly want to feel, know that you can decide to create your mornings, or days, any way your heart desires, starting at any time.