For the last day or so I had this sense of knowing that something was going to happen and it involved motor vehicles.

This morning, about 7:15am, travelling a 3 lane highway, it’s dark, it’s wet, the shoulders of the road still snow covered from the weekend, I’m headed toward my exit.

Doing my usual song-sing-along, getting into the groove of the day I had planned, when suddenly the car in the fast lane was now facing across the highway, the car behind slowed but was close, quite close, the car in the middle lane was headed straight toward a side impact, I was in the slow lane.

I took a breath, put my 4-ways on to caution anyone who might be paying attention behind me, I said something to myself like – “oh here we go”, relaxed into my body, then had the feeling of “nope not today”. Then it was as if nothing happened. Every single car had straightened, and was continuing on their journey.

It “should” have been a multi vehicle pile up.

I “should” have been in it.

My vehicle “should” be scrap metal.

But it wasn’t, I wasn’t, and my car is still in one piece.

This all happened in slow motion. I felt no fear in the moment, I knew everything was okay, and I knew without a doubt in mind, that once again, the hand of the Great Mystery course corrected everything for me, and not so silently whispered.

….not today Heather, not today.

Just another reason I choose to Believe, because it’s moments like these that keep me going, and show me I’m needed here to keep giving, supporting and faith healing.

Heather / Faith Healer ??