I told my partner this isn’t a fairy tale or a harlequin romance this morning.
*eyes wide* no..not his.. yours.. the reader ?
I said that our relationship is the embodiment of true partnership of the deepest kind.
I said this because, I want to honour him, me, and us, as we take steps together in this life. Some of those steps we take and do alone, and some of the steps we do together. I know I am a better woman/wife/GF/Mrs/label of the day because of him.
If your relationship/partnership isn’t making you better, isn’t supporting you, isn’t helping you then I ask, why are you in it?
Fear of being left alone? Fear of not making it? Fear of hearing people say, I knew that wasn’t going to last. Fear of giving up?
When I decided that I was no longer going to settle for “well this will do”, or “well I guess I could tolerate this over that”, or “I guess it’s okay if XYZ”, I set my boundaries. I set my guidelines. I set what my soul knew it desired.
When I got clear. We met.
When he got clear. We met.
The point is, not only was it divine in the timing, but WE had to truly decide what it was we each wanted as individuals, and our souls said okay, now is your time, because now, you get it.
Each day brings a new adventure, some days are sunny, some days are rainy. Some days I raise eyebrows at him, and some days he raises eyebrows at me. But we respect one another enough to know that we each have our own process.
Respect, is important.
Some days I am in a bad mood, some days he is in a bad mood. We do our best to allow that process, and give space. We know, that it is never personal.
When something is bothering me, I share it, with a clear heart, and honest words that are not insulting. He hears me.
I felt compelled to write this today, because I felt the need to honour the importance of the relationships people are in, have been in, or will be in. If we are conscious creators, then it is up to us to truly decide what kind of relationship we are creating.
I spent many years being single, and many years with the so called “wrong” people, but when I think about it, were they really all that wrong in those moments? No, they weren’t. They were giving me exactly what I called in. They showed me, in hindsight of course, many things, one of those things, is the power I have to create everything I desire, and don’t desire.
So, my loves, what are you creating today?