Those mornings you wake up, your soul is calm, your heart is not so heavy. You know those mornings.

It is on these mornings that you realize you’ve been in some sort of a downer, a funk, feeling not quite right, or perhaps carrying a burden of some kind.

I live for all days of course, but these calm lighter freeing days, are the days I feel most connected. The days I am reminded what is most important, what is most real and authentic.

It doesn’t mean that my “less than awesome” days weren’t real, or that those heavy feelings didn’t exist, it just means that on a deeper sense, I’ve healed a new layer, I have leveled up!

In the past, I would dwell in the misery, the stress and the agony.  I would slather it all over myself like a bad shower gel that you don’t really like, but it was all I had (knew). Now, with simple acknowledge me of saying “okay I’m not feelin’ it today” or “I’m really feelin’ it today” as the case may be, I’m able to simply own that it is, simply, what it is. I don’t need to fight it, I don’t need to try to make it go away, I just need to honour it.

What we resist , persists.  What we ignite within us, is the moment to shine, and once again come out the other side of whatever the moment is, with time, you’ll begin to love these moments too, because you know, big shifts happen when these moments arrive.

Here is to leveling up, loving it all, and keepin’ it real.