As I sat down this morning to write, I asked what do I need to hear? What do I need to share? This is what came through.

I love the end and the beginning of every month.  It’s a clear indicator to me that beginnings are always going to happen. Some get excited about New Year’s Eve, I say, we bring that excitement into each 24 hour round. Life, is to be celebrated.

If we consider time, on a clock or a calendar, day turns into night, sunrise turns into sunset, and then back around we go.  Seasons, are one day at a time, and they shift and change. But it isn’t so easy sometimes is it?

When we sit in the moment of whatever endings we may be experiencing, sometimes they are painful.  It could be the end of a phase in your life, it could be a person changing forms and leaving this earth as you know them, it could be a career change, it could be a financial change, or a medical change.  Whatever it is, I’ve seen regular evidence of all of these things, turning into the most beautiful beginnings very soon after.

As you sit in the mud, and feel through that energy, give yourself permission to leap a little forward in you heart and mind.  Imagine what it’ll feel like when you get on the other side of that ending.  Will it feel like freedom? Peace? Love? Expansion?

This isn’t about denying what you are feeling right now, because I’m a firm believer that we have to feel all the feelings during our processes, but I do believe that it is about helping ourselves see the flip side and giving our hearts a break from the sadness, disappointment, the ending, we might be sitting in.

As we turn the page on this month, I know I need to let go of the expectations I had for the last 60 days.  Yup.  I’ve been dragging my ass on some issues through April and May.  Just as equally as I have witnessed and experienced beautiful things too! My time, my life, my relationship and my business all had divine and incredibly delightful moments. But there were also things I really wanted to have happen in some areas, and they didn’t. I spent days and nights disappointed because I was trying so hard, pushing so much, give give give.  But I know if I stare at all the things that didn’t happen, I cannot appreciate the things that did.

Today I’m closing the door on the gurus, the experts, and the un-solicited advice givers.
Today I’m saying good-bye to things that aren’t aligned.
Today I am putting an end to being wrapped up in the concerns of how things “should” be done.

Today, I sit in the muddy pond, I love it for what it is, another layer to love, and I wave goodbye to all that no longer needs to be.