I was always told that a leopard couldn’t change his spots. So as I carried this belief, this is how it played out for me.

It forced me to not trust people.  It forced me to carry resentments.  It made me angry.  It made me a very non-forgiving person.

I was riddled with physical pain, depression and anxiety because my thoughts manifested into deeper physical and emotional ailments.

But why?

Because I listened to the people that told me people don’t change.  The people that told me not to trust.  What I know now, is this.  The people that told me these things,  were not aligned with my soul’s view. My body was showing me that this was not higher level thinking or being. Do I resent them? NO.  In fact I’m grateful (now).  I firmly believe (now) that these people were chosen as my lesson in making sure I always listen to my soul.

The other side of this is something I watch unfold regularly.  It is how other people reject us when we change.  You see, they are uncomfortable with who we have become or who we are when we walk in truth.  They only remember us within the frame of reference that they knew us.  Maybe we caused harm.  Maybe we did things they cannot forgive.  Maybe, we held up a mirror to them and they just couldn’t see it.  Whatever it may have been, if you’ve moved on, and they can’t accept it, let it go.

These folks are simply uncomfortable with how YOUR changes now reflect on them.  How does this define me? They never consciously ask, but the ego sits back and has a field day with this.  Trust me. I know.

They look at you and say, you never used to be like this, or you weren’t like this when we hung out, or when you were growing up you were this way or that way.

Deep sigh.

I know, it is hard to take this all in, it is hard to hear people say these things, but, this part isn’t about you.  It is about them. Don’t take it personally.

Know this, although your leopard spots didn’t change from the visible eye, how you show up with your spots, how you carry your spots, and how you choose to now live your life with your spots in this beautiful present moment, is what matters.