The start of new things, and the rebirth of others.

It is a time to receive all we’ve worked on in the past – and all we’ve nurtured and nourished in seasons previous.

We now get to see what blossoms.

We now get to experience our work in action.

Just like the seasons, when we tend to the garden of life we remove what’s not working, whatever is working stays, and in some instances, a few things get changed around a little if it makes sense to do so.

Spring is one of my favourite seasons, I am so excited, in a calm, balanced and quiet way. This type of energy has always been one of my signs that things are just as they should be. When there is no emotional pull one way or the other. Like the pseudo-excitement, I used to experience when I believed that the New Year was defined by a calendar and that everything was going to ‘be better’.

Spring is the New Year… scratch that… it’s the new cycle… the fresh beginning. Was ‘year’ ever a word?
Things get better because you decide to make them better.

In Lakota, it is the day that they welcome the return of the Wakinyan. Translated to English, it can be described as Thunder Spirit, Thunder Beings or Thunderbirds.

Years ago during a personal healing ceremony, the energy of Thunderbird came through me.
When I woke this morning, I felt like I had my wings back.

I felt that all the hard work, the effort, the focused attention, and any Spiritual Assignments had finally blossomed.
It didn’t surprise me when I was reminded of this teaching so many years ago, and my husband’s share with me about today being the day we welcome the return of the Wakinyan.

I feel welcomed back.

My deepest wish for you today dear ones is that you too get your wings back.
That you tend to your garden.

That you experience Spirit in every breath you take today.

That you know your life is always in the right season.