Your brain has this magical way of making everything difficult.  It makes problems that you didn’t know existed, it amplifies small details and makes absolute madness out of nothing. It reacts, it projects, it judges, it lashes out, it tries to find reason, it connects the dots of experiences and tries to put everything into a tidy little bow of logic and understanding. It makes up stories. It simply does what it does, and it does wonderful things too, but I wonder sometimes how much it serves us really. That *thinking* aspect of ourselves.  Thinking had been the source of all my anxiety and suffering.  Now, when I have an ‘off’ day, it’s because I’m thinking, I’m analyzing, I’m over-discussing. I’m searching for answers, for control and for explanations.  Ugh. So not helpful.

Love is big, beautiful and kind.  Love holds no fear, no insecurity, no drama, no stress, no struggle. Love is precious, love serves you in the highest good always.  Love doesn’t mistreat you, love doesn’t hurt.  Love doesn’t make you small, or limit you.

Love expands you, love allows for all the magic and miracles, love doesn’t question, love doesn’t cause anxiety, panic or struggle.  Love doesn’t force us to self-medicate, run from our feelings or hide.  Love allows us to breathe, be, and live.

In these moments, these dark, unsettled, painful, frightening moments, I ask that you consider this, what would love do?