You know that person who gets on your nerves? Who does everything differently than you? Who doesn’t care for their things the way you do? Or you deem ignorant, selfish or jerky. The person who walks in late all the time. The person who cuts you off in traffic that you decide to honour with a special hand gesture. The person who takes the last of something you were hoping to purchase. The person who isn’t ready to pay at the checkout and is delayed in taking their bank card out? The person who somehow manages to manipulate situations that you wish your boss would notice? The person who “has it all” and displays such on the Facebook highlight reel, yet you know they cheat on their spouse, start trivial arguments to avoid connection, or jump from one debt to another because, they really don’t have it all?
What a bunch of assholes right? I mean, how dare they inconvenience you. How inconsiderate, selfish and rude that they just take up space anywhere near your existence.
Good grief. I wish they’d just get OVER themselves, and get off this planet that they are clearly destroying just by breathing!
Deep cleansing breath.
Yes, this was me circa before-my-heart-reopened, and I’ll admit, I still have my moments, but they are brief, and I try to remember a very crucial thing. We are all just trying to survive, and in doing so, some people are very destructive, often, subconsciously. But it isn’t personal.
Now before you get all “ya but’y” on me, hear me out.
All of those people. Look around. Look to your left, look to your right. Look at the people you work with, live beside, go to school with, look at your family, look at your friends. They are…..
But wait, you are the common element. So let’s look at you. I’ll do it too. Don’t worry.
No, seriously, I’ll wait. Think about all those people, places and things you hate, that annoy you, that get on your last nerve. How does your body feel? Agitated? Shoulders up around your ears perhaps? Feeling a little… inflamed?
All the “I hate that person because…” or “If so-and-so does this, I’m going to do xyz…” or when you observe with disdain someone acting out, aren’t you exhausted? I know I was. I know I am, when I get in this head space.
What I’ve come to learn is that when I let these things take up space in my head, I am out of alignment. I have stepped out of soul authenticity. I have blown a hole in the bridge from getting my head in right relationship with my heart.
What about you? How is your hate, annoyance, frustration and negative responses helping you stay in right relationship with your true self?
Is now the time to see what you’re allowing to occupy your mind? Is now the time to surrender, and allow yourself to release the negative auto-response of the exasperated sigh, the finger, the raised voice?
Is it time to just get quiet about the stuff you currently use your time agonizing over, and let your roar be from your heart, instead of your mouth?
I suspect, you may be surprised with how much better you feel. I know I was. ??