I just got out of the shower, and as I was getting ready to start my magic for the day, I actually dug through my underwear drawer because there was a specific pair I wanted to put on.

Yep, I know. When you’re living as an Intuitive you learn to surrender that messages are going to show up on your underwear.


Shaving your legs.
Cleaning out the fridge.
Massaging your feet.
Your odometer.
Making stew in the crockpot.

You get the idea.
But back to my undies.

I finished getting dressed.

Made a second cup of coffee.

Sat down and said oh okay. This is happening. I’m going to write about my underwear wisdom. It has taken me the entire month of November of churning, processing, and wondering when my next piece of writing may show up, and here it is. Underwear.


Is this also why we are told we should put a fresh pair on every day? So we get inspired and have learning moments?


Also, we need to stop calling it a pair of underwear.  This is archaic information, much like the information and believe system I was trying to work with for the last handful of months.


Follow That Dream – Boom. There it was. Like a deck of oracle cards smacked upside the head, or a Unicorn stabbing me in the rear.
I’ve been chasing the dream for so long, that I forgot the difference between chasing and following.


Chasing feels like:

-a death grip

-things not going right

-the plan always missing the mark


-not good enough-ness


-Fear based actions and choices

Following feels like:




-Going with the flow

-Intuitive Mood



-Love based actions and choices

Friends, give yourself permission to stop chasing and start taking action steps to follow and create your dream.



Heather FollowThatDream