Why oh why would I share a post about dirty dishes? I mean, how uncivilized of me. Earlier this week I began working on a handcrafted gift for my love as his birthday would arrive on Friday. I have this thing about not being able to do things weeks in advance, all of my work, my posts, my ideas come in the moment. Sometimes several hours before I want to deliver them. It’s just how I roll.
The evening that I wrapped up the finishing touches, I walked through the kitchen after I had made dinner and saw that the breakfast dishes were still there, and now my dinner dishes. I looked at the sink, and said NOPE. I wanted the rest of the evening to myself to do Reiki and celebrate the arrival of the full moon and just be with me. I left a sink filled with dirty dishes and I was more than content to do it. All week, my creative spark was on fire. I knew I wanted to make something, but I didn’t quite know how it was going to exactly look once it was completed. I had all the materials and I sat with it, I slept on it, and I allowed it to flow.
I chose to play instead of doing the dishes. Yup, several years ago I would have felt shame and disappointment at my irresponsibility. True story. Not anymore though. I was in my element. I lost track of time. Like a child playing or making a craft, time escapes. I was in this blissful God like state of divine connection, and if it wasn’t for my stiff body and very cold arse from sitting on the bathroom floor with a hair dryer and a knife working with the leftover glue and clean up process of my project, I’d never have known what time it was, or how old I was.
It got me thinking. How little time we make for play. For creativity. For balance. We are so busy being busy, that we may not be fueling our Spirit, but rather spinning our wheels wondering why we aren’t getting anywhere.
The dirty dishes were a reminder to me that it’s okay to say no to things, it’s okay to choose differently, and it is okay to play.
I’ve reacquainted myself with my absolute love of cooking and baking. The joy of making handmade gifts and projects, and simply being in my zone of fun.
What fun do you need to create in your life?
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