Sometimes you have a shitty day.  That’s all there is to it.  You’re in an amazing place, your life is filled with excitement, adventure and blessings and then you just wake up and you feel like crap.    Why? Well for starters we are human, (sorry I know).  But really it takes work to stay high vibe all the time. Or even balanced vibe in some cases.  I spent so many years living with an empty cup, that it takes work for me to remember to fill it up. I know right? I’m the healer and the life coach I should know better.  Hah, not so fast wise-guy, remember my human disclaimer?

The more time I spend in quiet meditation, reading, doing healing work, BE-ing in nature, the more I realize how much my body, mind and spirit need these things. This way, when these crappy days happen, my cup is already filled with the healing balm and natural medicines I need to deal with the flood of unloving gremlins.

I’ve learned that I need to let the Gremlin’s do their thing.  I let the thoughts happen, I let the feelings up, but I don’t allow them to control me.  By choosing to sit in whatever the stuff is, rather than running from it,  I am able to honour whatever it is that brought this up from the darkest corners of my soul. To not honour it, and stuff it down, or ignore it, simply makes it worse as it will stick to me like a leech, drain my heart and dishonour my soul.

So just as the air we breathe is a necessity, we must take care of ourselves in the same non-negotiable way.

How will you start filling your cup?