When we observe ourselves, I mean truly observe ourselves, we are filled with clues on what we need.  Unfortunately we’ve been trained to keep pushing through, not put ourselves first and to essentially suck it up – we continually dismiss what our bodies are telling us.

Most people I work with, have some sort of physical ailment that is troubling them. Maybe it is a headache, a bad stomach, sore joints, inability to sleep, or feeling generally off.  So what do they do? They take a pill, they have a drink, they overeat, they lash out, they build resentments, they look outside of themselves and focus on other things.  Yes, when I say our body, I also mean all the emotional and spiritual clues. Yup, a great big hot mess we become.

But rather than digging in, we ignore the symptom by silencing it in some way.  This instant gratification we seek to “feel better”, simply tells our body we don’t care what it has to say, we aren’t listening. Bring on the ear aches!

When I began to listen to my body, really truly listen, I knew that I needed to pay attention.  From a sore feet, to back pain, to headaches, to everything in between it always represented a new layer of healing I needed to do.  Most people get turned off at this point because they don’t want to have to think about healing anything.  They just want to feel better NOW.  Think about it, we don’t drink to get drunk next week.  We don’t take antidepressants in the summer to avoid our winter blues. The problem with all of this is that we start to fear healing! Oh my goodness what am I going to learn? What am I going to find out? What if it is bad?  What if I can’t heal it?

You can handle it, trust me.  It wouldn’t have been installed in your body if you couldn’t.

So how about asking yourself these questions instead. What if you can? What if, you can ease all the physical pain and the emotional pain and thrive? What if your best days of your life are waiting for you to pay attention?

What if you decided just for today that you deserve better? Then today turned into tomorrow, and three months from now, you no longer have chronic headaches because you started speaking more kindly to, and about yourself?

What if you start thinking the opposite of the bullshit story you tell yourself? What magic awaits you?

You’ve got this.