I just read a blog I put together at the end of 2018. I was so pained by my experiences that year, and in previous years having to do with the misalignment in the areas of personal and business development.

You can read the 2018 one here if you’d like: https://heathertobin.ca/2018-business-in-review/

As this year draws to a close, I wanted to reflect on the difference it made when I found or was introduced to the authentic, honest, integrity based and heart-led business coaches.

Far too often we are taken down the garden path of promises, get rich quick systems, schemes and hustle. Hello, my whole life.

I knew I needed a change, and I think the reflection piece I wrote this day a year ago, was the healing I needed to make some significant changes for 2019.

I somehow got aligned, and in doing so, I called forward people who were in alignment. I know with all of my heart that going forward it will keep getting better.

In chronological order of “working with” for 2019 order (because they really all are my favourites for different reasons)

Tad Hargrave – Marketing for Hippies

Tad taught me that marketing didn’t have to feel gross. He also helped me through January of 2019 with his “Meantime” program, which is starting again on the 8th of January if you’re interested. It honoured the struggle that business owners experience when perhaps things are slow and the cash flow just isn’t happening. Tad has an abundance of courses on his site for just about any area you need guidance with, along with many e-books. He also has plenty of free videos and posts that are helpful and eye-opening.

Mark Silver – Heart of Business

Mark and his team are the most loving and supportive humans I have EVER known in my entire life. He has a catalogue of courses can be found on their website. In the summer months, he reopens what’s called the Learning Community. It comes with a bonus Facebook group which is where I got to meet the team, and so many other kind and beautiful people. Everyone works at their own pace, and the community is there for whatever you need, whether it be feedback, suggestions, or my favourite, hugs.

George Kao – George Kao, Authentic Business Coach

During my time in the Tad and Mark circles, I had seen this third lovely soul by the name of George Kao. I had taken one of his courses earlier in the year and then sort of stepped away from all learning, but into the late fall, I feel I was re-introduced to his teachings and embraced them more intentionally. He too, as a wealth of blogs and videos as well as an online course library.

If there is anyone that deserves the spotlight in my business development this year (other than me ? ) it’s these three.

And yet, not one of them needs or would want a spotlight, because their work and how they show up is the light.

So much appreciation, respect and absolute love for these 3 teachers of mine for 2019.

P.S. there are no affiliate links, no they didn’t request testimonials, just pure heart from me, because that’s how this is done in truth.